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District 19 Service

Join us at the district level for A.A. service in the Sea to Sky region of BC.

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00pm on Zoom.

These meetings are open to GSR's and A.A. members at large (In General).

District 19 Info

Updated July 25th, 2022

Your District 19 Operating Committee has heard a number of your Groups' concerns regarding the proposed Operating Procedures dated May 2022. This document ought to be considered more as a "playbook" than a "rulebook" and will form the fundamental basis for both the current and future District committees to operate both more effectively, efficiently and most importantly more democratically, best representing your Group's Conscience at our District meetings. It was compiled in accordance with a number of pertinent AA documents, including (but not limited to); 

(A) the 12 Traditions  (Specifically Traditions 1, 2 and 4), 


(B) the 12 Concepts of World Service (Specifically Concepts 3, 4 and 5), 


(C) 3rd Legacy Voting Procedures,


(D) as well as best practices adopted by other AA Districts, across the continent, effectively utilized and updated by amendment for decades.


Four examples are accessible by internet search as detailed below: 

Kingston, ON Example

Area 83, District 30 Example 

Brant Erie District 1 Example 

Essex County Dist. 23 Example  


Please note the addition of a downloadable document detailing the possible 2023 District 19 travel expenses for two locations, Vernon and Prince George. Expense estimates are aligned with published Treasury Board (our Federal Government) Guidelines for personal travel. Also, kindly appreciate the primary purpose of the 2023 Budget is to best determine our individual annual group's financial contributions to the District, our District Prudent Reserve and to allocate the funds once received.



2023 Budget Draft
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